Robert Mugabe made ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ because it was either him or Katie Hopkins, say WHO

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The World Health Organisation has defended its decision to appoint the Zimbabwean President as a goodwill ambassador, arguing that you should have seen who he was up against.

WHO spokesperson Eleanor Gay told us, “We gather that there has been an overwhelmingly negative response to the announcement that Robert Mugabe is now officially a goodwill ambassador.

“We totally understand that this was a bit of a controversial choice, given his, er, interesting leadership of Zimbabwe over the years, but at the end of the day, it was between him and Katie Hopkins. So we just went with our gut instinct.”

She explained, “Basically, we set up a poll on Twitter asking users to nominate who they thought should be a goodwill ambassador, and these are the two names that were at the top. Which surprised no-one, because, well, it’s Twitter.

“Obviously Trump was excluded, as he only won the Nobel peace prize a few weeks ago and we wouldn’t want to inflate his ego further.

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“We suspect that there may have been some involvement from Russian bots that left us with Mugabe and Hopkins, but what can you do?”

It is understood that Katie Hopkins was not too upset at losing to Mugabe, as he has always been a personal hero of hers by the example he has set of how to treat his fellow humans.