The UK only has two cities in it, Foo Fighters confirm

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It’s possible to tour the entire UK by only visiting London and Manchester, according to the Foo Fighters this morning.

Band tour manager Simon Williams confirmed that the gigs on their upcoming massive UK tour would be in easy reach for anyone in the entire country, as it’s common knowledge Scotland and Northern Ireland are only about twenty minutes by tram from Manchester’s Etihad stadium.

“We looked at a map of the UK and, yeah, it said ‘London’ and ‘The North’, and we’re covering both of those”, Grohl told us proudly.

“I mean, on my map, Glasgow is no more than three or four inches from Manchester so it’s obviously easily done.

“And fans up to Birmingham, England, can make the short and convenient journey to the London Stadium, before hopping on the night bus for a quick and easy trip home afterwards.

“Everyone should be happy.”

A spokesman went on to say that as the UK is such a small place there should be plenty of tickets to go round for everyone who wants one at face value.