Free bikini supplement of all Harvey Weinstein’s victims in Saturday’s Daily Mail

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The Daily Mail has announced that it will be producing a full-colour supplement featuring bikini shots of all of Harvey Weinstein’s known victims.

The supplement will allow Daily Mail readers to simultaneously condemn the ‘liberal elite’ of Hollywood whilst enjoying the golden exposed flesh of famous and attractive young women.

“The idea came to me as I trawled Google images for pictures of very young girls in skimpy swimsuits to feature in the paper for no good reason,” said Paul Dacre, Daily Mail editor and dreadful shit.

“I found a picture of one of the women who accused Weinstein and she was wearing a bikini. It would have been the perfect photo to use in a story that superficially condemns Weinstein whilst at the same time making sure to demean the women involved.”

However, Mr Dacre soon had a much bigger idea.

“Yes, on a hunch, I looked for some of the other women and, sure enough, there they were, all dressed in bikinis and some of the pictures dated back to when the women were just 15 or 16, which is perfect for Daily Mail readers.

“I even found a few long-lens topless shots in my personal collection that will be great for the final page.”

The supplement, ‘The beautiful bikini babes of Hollywood monster Weinstein’ will be included free in the ‘newspaper’ on Saturday.

I think, therefore I am (not a Daily Mail reader) – get the t-shirt!