World’s leading sociopath fails empathy hurdle

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The most powerful sociopath in the world has failed to successfully replicate the human emotion of empathy, according to reports today.

US President Donald Trump faced one of his most difficult challenges in being forced to interact with the grieving family of a fallen soldier, a time when genuine human emotions have traditionally aided the sitting president.

A White House official told us, “Look, empathy is extremely hard to fake, which is why we prefer to have the President write them letters, rather than speak to families directly. A presidential aide can replicate empathy far more effectively in a letter than the president can on the phone.

“That’s because the trick with empathy is to make the conversation about the other person, not yourself, and frankly President Trump really struggles with that as a concept.

“He remains convinced, no matter how much coaching we give him, that anyone he speaks to just wants to talk about him and how great he is.  And if the subject is an uncomfortable or negative one, he can’t help but offer excuses why he shouldn’t be blamed – like ‘he knew what he signed up for’.

“We’re all at fault here, to be honest. We should never have put the president in a position where his lack of human emotion and compassion for the suffering of others would be so visible.  Consider the lessons learned.”

Trump himself confided in one of his team, telling them, “I knew it, it was the name thing, right? People like have their names remembered rather than being treated like an obstacle preventing me reaching an objective. God, I always get that one wrong.

“Should I offer them some money, that’s what other humans do when people grieve, right?”

Trump has publicly responded to critics by tweeting, “I have empathy. Great empathy, the best empathy. Lots of people are saying it. I know empathy better than anyone.”