Harry locked Prince Philip in a cupboard as Meghan Markle met with Queen, say palace staff

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When it comes to his girlfriend meeting his grandparents, Prince Harry was evidently taking no chances.

With rumours swirling that it is only a matter of when, not if the celebrity couple announces their engagement, Prince Harry is confirmed to have taken Meghan Markle to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

However, a source at the palace has confirmed that Prince Harry undertook some extra precautions before taking Meghan to meet the Queen, including locking his grandfather in a palace broom cupboard.

The source, who would only give his name as Simon, told us, “Meghan and Harry were due to arrive together for afternoon tea with Her Majesty and Prince Philip last Thursday afternoon, with ‘something to discuss’.

“But around half an hour before they were due to arrive, Harry dived in and grabbed Philip by the arm, whispering earnestly that he’d discovered some rather naughty magazines in one of the cupboards.

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“Naturally Philip was intrigued by the find, and Harry led him to a little cupboard near the servants’ quarters, invited him to go inside and then slammed the door behind him before locking it.

“He whispered through the keyhole something about a ‘stiff lock’ and going to get help, and that Philip should just get comfortable for a bit.

“He then left by a side door and reappeared a short while later with Meghan, before enjoying a lovely afternoon tea with the Queen.”

It is understood that the Queen, having learnt of Harry’s trick, is yet to release Prince Philip and is enjoying the peace and quiet which she has sorely missed since his retirement.

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