Lying holiday couple sent to prison after describing week in Benidorm as ‘paradise’

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A Liverpool couple has been handed lengthy prison sentences after lying about their package holiday, including describing their week in Benidorm as “the best week of our lives”.

Simon and Sharon Williams, of Wallasey near Liverpool, were taken to court by social media users who saw their egregious posts about their holiday and were left with feelings of jealousy about going to Benidorm. Bloody Benidorm!

The judge said during sentencing, “There has been an explosion in recent years of people lying about how great their holidays are, but I have seen nothing, nothing that even comes close to the horrific exaggerations posted by this couple.

“From describing meals in an English pub that does a full-English around the clock as ‘exquisite’ to calling a one-room 200 square foot holiday apartment ‘palatial’, they have shown a complete disregard for the well-being of other social media users looking to book their holidays.

“Mr and Mrs Williams will pay a heavy price with a custodial sentence in the hope that others will be deterred from luring innocent people to Benidorm on the promise of a holiday of a lifetime.”

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The news has shocked many social media users, with some now worried they could also find themselves in trouble with the police.

Former accountant George Matthews told us, “What’s the statute of limitations on this crime?

“I’m only asking because I went to Rhyl for a fortnight twenty years ago, and I’m pretty sure I told all my friends it was ‘brilliant’.

“That could be a life sentence right there.”

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