Daily Mail publishes harrowing compilation of Weinstein’s victims in their most revealing outfits

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The Daily Mail has joined the growing movement to highlight sexual abuse in Hollywood by publishing gut-wrenching narratives of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers next to photos of the same women “flaunting their curves in racy dresses that leave little to the imagination”.

Daz Williams, the showbiz editor at Mail Online, said that all industry players must step up if things are to change.

“It’s horrifying that these women, blonde bombshells and sizzling brunettes alike, found themselves treated like so much meat by a powerful man.

“And we strongly condemn how the film industry stayed silent as actresses with pert posteriors and plunging cleavages were forced to choose between their dignity or their careers.

“But we at the Mail must do our bit to stop the vile abuse of young women, particularly former child stars, who are all grown up and send pulses racing with wardrobes malfunctions.

“We have asked our photographers to stay alert and be ready to call the authorities, should they see something untoward when they take pictures of starlets with a telephoto lens from over a mile away.

“These poor ladies might think they are isolated and vulnerable in their secluded holiday spots with private beaches, but our boys will make sure they are being guarded 24/7.”

The Mail is also going to explore how little has changed over the years with an exclusive interview of Dame Helen Mirren about the pressures of the casting couch, that they will illustrate with screenshots from her 1979 role in Caligula.

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