Britain First call for boycott of IKEA after ‘Allah’ discovered on Viking clothing

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Britain First has called for a boycott of the popular Scandinavian brand after discovering that the Vikings were nothing more than a group of Islamic invaders hell-bent on spreading Sharia law.

Researchers have discovered that patterns woven into some garments excavated in Sweden spell the words ‘Allah’ and ‘Ali’, proving beyond doubt in the minds of some far-right groups that Sweden is and always has been a hot-bed of Islamic fundamentalism.

Britain First spokesmoron Simon Williams broke the news to his band of merry racists on social media, telling them, “Friends and fellow whites, it is clear that the muslamics are coming over from Sweden, and have been for a while.

“It is time to make our voices heard and to boycott IKEA and all the sharia flatpack furniture and halal meatballs that they are forcing on our young people.

“If all of us, and our millions of followers on Facebook who I am sure are all genuine, stop buying stuff from IKEA then they will have to close and go back where they came from.”

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He added, “The same goes for Lego, too, which I learnt yesterday is also from Scandniv-, Scandinivi-, er Denmark, which also has sent muslamic vikings over here.”

IKEA spokesperson Kristopher Jamesson responded telling reporters this morning, “We in the IKEA family feel that, not for the first time, Britain First may be over-reacting slightly without checking all the facts and figures.

“We would like to stress that we have no ‘sharia’ flat pack products, whatever that means.

“As for the halal meatballs, well, it is anybody’s guess what those are made of, halal or otherwise.”

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