RAF jets scrambled to intercept suspicious “on time” Ryanair flight

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RAF Typhoon jets this morning have intercepted a Ryanair flight after suspicions were raised about an unusual flight pattern when it departed on time.

The air force deployed the jets in response to worrying reports from passengers that the flight had not been cancelled or delayed as expected.

Passengers are currently being transferred to Luton by coach where they will be booked on to a rival airline.

Jim Cook, who booked the Ryanair flight in the hope of being transferred, said: “There was a state of utter panic on the plane when it departed without delays or cancellation.

“We’d all booked it thinking we’d get a free transfer out of them.

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“So when it took off on time we just assumed it must have been hijacked.”

Ryanair has been hit with a series of cancellations following an administration oversight: the firm recently found out that they needed to pay people to fly their aircraft, which hadn’t been factored into their recruitment plans.

Beleaguered boss Michael O’Leary thanked the RAF pilots for their speedy response before asking if they could take a hundred passengers each to Düsseldorf.