Mass shootings are the price of freedom, insists man who regularly demands burkhas should be banned from the bus

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A moron who thinks regular mass murder is the price you have to pay for living in a free society would happily see women wearing things he doesn’t like deported.

US citizen Chuck Williams has insisted that he loves freedom so much that he sees regular mass shootings in his country as nothing more than a price worth paying.

However, that freedom doesn’t apply to people who are different from him, and certainly shouldn’t be extended to anyone wearing religious clothing that makes him feel uncomfortable.

“You’ll take my assault rifle modified to fire hundreds of rounds a minute out of my cold, dead hands!” the idiot proclaimed.

“But that woman covering her face?! Shouldn’t be allowed! Ban her! Deport her!”

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Williams regularly opposes gun control on the grounds of people being free to do whatever they want, liberally spraying the words “free”, “freely” and “freedom” around on whack-job internet forums like bullets around an American High School.

But faced with the cognitive dissonance of other people also being free to do what they want, Williams’s brain totally shuts down, a change of state admittedly hard to detect.

Williams concluded his argument by shouting, “This is the land of the free!

“Although you will have to pay for your own healthcare if someone shoots you.”