Satire editor wearily hits “Repost” on mass shooting article again

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The owner of a prestigious satire site has sighed and then shared an article again without having to edit it at all.

Simon Williams, editor of Newspunch, read the news from America this morning, felt sad, and then hit “repost” on an article that remains relevant roughly once a week.

“I’d like to see a world where that article can no longer trend effectively,” sighed Williams.

“Although, judging from the reactions of some social media users, I think the article itself is probably going to be banned before guns in America are.

“It’s bizarre how many people are upset by the satire asking for the situation to be improved, and not by the situation itself – i.e. the sheer number of innocent people getting shot on a regular basis.”

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Social media user Arty McAutorifle said, “You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

“I have no idea why you think it’s acceptable to run a satire piece about guns just after something about guns happened in the news. That’s just stupid.

“The important thing to focus on here is that guns are brilliant, and it’s very disrespectful of you to suggest that they shouldn’t be so freely available so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.”