280 characters will let us get much more creative, insist Twitter’s trolls, bots and racists

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Twitter has increased its character limit to 280, sending waves of delight through the troll community who will finally be allowed to let their creativity run free.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorset announced the change on the social media platform, tweeting, “We have heard your complaints, and we have listened.

“We heard you plead with us to do more about the abuse on our platform, to fix replies and to do a better job of preventing bots flooding your timeline – so to fix all that, here are another 140 characters per tweet!”

Trolls have welcomed the change, with Simon Williams (knowns as BritPatriot4eva on Twitter) telling us, “Frankly it’s about time that Jack listened to the genuine concerns of the troll community. Without us, Twitter would be nothing more than a couple of dozen liberals circle-jerking each other.

“Twitter has had the 140 character problem since day one – I don’t know if you’ve ever tried, but it’s quite hard to really abuse someone in just 140 characters.

“You have to limit which facet of their lives you go for, is it their colour, their religion, their sexual orientation, their political affiliation? Sometimes that’s a difficult decision to make when you have something great to say about all of them.

“Thankfully, Jack has seen the light and we’ve now got room to cram in all of these insults, abusive phrases and threats into one single tweet – and still have room to add frog memes.

“Which is fantastic news if, like me, you’re a fan of abusing black liberal Jewish gays.”