People who claim the EU is the Third Reich somehow unconcerned at far-right electoral success in Germany

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British commentators who compare every development in European politics to Nazism and the second world war have been uncharacteristically restrained now that the comparison has become apt.

Tabloid newspapers who routinely drag up bad ‘Allo ‘Allo! jokes when European politicians talk about mundane topics have somehow managed to report the biggest political gain of the German far right since the sixties with aloof detachment.

Amateur pundits have also been rather placid about the recent election.

Twitter accounts that claim two world wars were fought specifically to avoid meeting Bulgarian people in Aldi have issued muted statements about the German people “standing up to the globalist consensus”.

Simon Williams, a UKIP member who likes to photoshop the faces of EU officials onto pictures of SS officers, explained that to connect AfD gains to nationalist-socialism was “tasteless and childish.”

“It’s typical of the mainstream media to smear a populist revolution and connect a German far-right party, whose members are the grandkids of Hitler’s ministers, with the Nazis.

“But when I leave misspelt leaflets at work explaining that EU fish quotas are just as bad as Auschwitz, I get hauled in by HR.”

Nigel Farage was asked to comment but was unavailable.

However, rumours persist of an overheard phone call from Mr Farage to his wife. It is claimed he asked her to translate an offer to become the Gauleiter of Great Britain and promising he would “rule the weak and degenerate English with an iron fist.”