Fire athletes who say USA isn’t great, insists President who says same thing

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Donald Trump has suggested dissenting NFL players should be fired, despite winning the Presidency on a campaign of dissension.

The President of the United States and dreadful bastard made the statements in a series of Tweets, as per everything.

“They’ve gotta go folks, they’ve gotta go,” said Trump, at another pointless rally for cunts.

“Anybody who suggests that America isn’t an amazing country or needs improving in any way shouldn’t be holding a high-profile position like that.

“I don’t see any irony in saying that while also peddling slogans like “drain the swamp” or “make America great again”, no irony whatsoever, no sir.

“Anyway, to business, America sucks right now. Who agrees?”

A source close to Trump said, “yeah, yeah, I know.

“I’m just kind of weary at this stage, to be honest. Nothing is dreadful anymore because I’m numb to it, as are most of you at this stage, no doubt.

“We did ask Donald to read the constitution but he just laughed and told us to shove it up our asses, which again was like water off a duck’s back at this stage.

“We all deserve the nuclear holocaust that awaits us, and I welcome it.”