Londoners busy marking themselves as ‘safe’ after devastating Uber loss

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Uber users across the capital have been taking to social media to mark themselves as ‘safe’ after the devastating removal of Uber’s licence to operate.

The traumatic announcement has left many Londoners unable to find an alternative way around the capital, with friends and relatives increasingly worried for their safety.

Regular Uber user Simon Williams told us, “I know my family will be worried, so I marked myself as ‘safe’, even though I’ve technically no idea how I get out of Soho without an Uber.

“This is just so shocking. I know terrible things happen in London, but you go about your daily life never thinking something like this can happen to you, yet here we are, today’s victims.

“Some of these abhorrent organisations just can’t wait to make our lives hell in the blink of an eye.

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“I know I’m one of the fortunate ones because I can probably afford a black cab – thankfully I don’t need to do any more food shopping this week, but I know there will be thousands of others who are not so lucky.”

Many other Uber customers have insisted that TfL removing Uber’s licence due to “public safety and security implications” was utterly pointless for Londoners who are used to being terrified on all forms of transport.

Another told us, “Look, I get it, you want us all to be safe – but that safety comes at a price. Frankly, I’d rather take my life in my hands by getting in an Uber with a guy who hasn’t had a criminal background check than spend a penny more than I have to.

“Christ, I’d ride on the back of a motorbike without a helmet if it got me home for less than a fiver.”

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