Donald Trump tip-off sees Theresa May strike up post-Brexit trade deal with Nambia

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Theresa May will use some of the control Britain will take back from the EU to strike a legendary trade deal with Nambia, it has emerged.

As divorce ‘negotiations’ with the EU continue, the British Prime Minister has already begun linking up with big players on the global scene, including an up and coming country somewhere in Africa.

“As we stand on the brink of leaving the EU, we are looking to create great trade deals with new partners,” she told reporters ahead of her speech in Florence today.

“It didn’t work out quite so well following our recent trip to Japan, admittedly, but with a bit of positive thinking, I’m sure we’ll get over that. There are plenty more fish in the sea, as it were.”

She explained, “For example, yesterday Donald Trump accidentally misdialed me instead of his local escort service, which was a bit of luck as while he was on the line he mentioned a prosperous country in Africa called Nambia that is just begging to strike up global deals with leading countries like ours.

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“Apparently they have offered to supply all of his covfefe, and he has been very impressed with them so far.”

Proudly she added, “This is what Brexit is all about – being in control of our own destiny and prosperity.

“I’m just waiting for Donald to forward me the email from the wealthy Nambian prince that is running the country and we can get the ball rolling.”