Michael O’Leary promises to fly some Ryanair planes to prove it’s proper easy

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Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has promised to fly a Boeing 737 out of Gatwick to prove to lazy pilots that any old sod can do it.

The beleaguered boss has claimed that he will fly solo for three hours before performing an emergency landing in the middle of the Pacific. He will then use one of the inflatable slides as a raft and will row to Canada to demonstrate what hard work looks like.

O’Leary made his promise following earlier comments that flying a plane isn’t hard and that pilots should be only too happy to give up a week of leave.

Pilots responded by threatening strike action, particularly those too scared to tell their kids that the Christmas holiday is off.

“I’ll lose my job before I tell Poppy she can’t go to Disneyland,” said Daniel Evans, 43.

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O’Leary seems determined to fly the plane, despite contrary advice from everyone who cares for him, although as someone close to O’Leary admitted, “That’s not many people right now.”

O’Leary explained the rationale for the solo flight to a group of perplexed investors on Thursday night.

“Every day is a holiday for pilots. Their job is totally easy and really fun. We all love getting on a plane, even a Ryanair one.

“I’m doing this to prove that anyone could do their job. Also, I’ve always fancied having a go on the yellow slides.”