Donald Trump invited to visit Planet Earth

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Humanity has issued an official invitation for lunatic hair-man Donald Trump to visit Planet Earth.

“I think we have to accept that Donald Trump exists,” said Simon Williams, a representative of Planet Earth.

“As such, we should probably try and learn more about him, and offer him the chance to learn more about us.”

Mr Trump will be afforded the chance to see normal human beings in their natural surroundings, going about their business, and interacting with each other. Something with which he appears to be unfamiliar.

“I think it’s important for him to try and understand that we’re not so different, him and us. Although we don’t communicate by shouting and threatening each other. Well, apart from that pub – The Setting Moon – on the estate in Harlow.”

He may even be given the chance to interact with normal human beings.

“Yes, well, we’ll need to see how that goes. If we’re confident that he doesn’t intend to grab anyone by the pussy in his traditional primitive greeting, then maybe we could arrange for that to happen.

“I just hope actually visiting Planet Earth could give him some much-needed empathy for human beings.”

If the trip goes well, Mr Williams has plans for similar invitations.

“Well, yes. There’s Vladimir Putin, Theresa May, Recep Erdogan. I think that any of these people actually visiting Planet Earth could only be a helpful thing for all concerned.”