‘We will trade with the dwarves and elves’ claims leading epic fantasy writer Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson is set to continue his epic fantasy story of post-Brexit Britain that he began in the Telegraph last Sunday.

In an exclusive extract, he tells of trade with the ‘wealthy dwarves who mine under the great mountain of Moria,’ and defence pacts with ‘the ancient armies of elves from Rivendell.’

Fantasy fans were initially disappointed that his latest work appeared to be a retread of the hugely popular fantasy story he told during the Brexit referendum last year.

“When he started going on about £350 million a day again, I did think – here we go again,” said fantasy fan Simon Williams.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, the stuff he was coming out with last year was some of the most imaginative fantasy writing I’d ever heard, but I’m glad to see him expanding the fantasyland he so vividly creates.”

The extract from the next instalment of Boris’s fantasy epic reads as follows:

“Following a successfully Brexit, we shall take back our £350m a week and use it to deal with the great races in Middle-Earth, the wealthy dwarves who mine under the great mountain of Moria, the ancient armies of elves from Rivendell.

“We will have business with the Goblin King from beyond the Labyrinth, the very talented Wizard of Oz, and the terrifying Gods of Asgard.”

Mr Williams was impressed.

“It’s derivative, but I’m excited,” he said.

“I’m glad he didn’t put anything about easy trade deals with Japan and America though, you don’t want it to be too unbelievable.”