Experts warn googling ‘Craig David’ can lead to malicious websites containing music of Craig David

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Craig David has been named the “most dangerous” celebrity to search for online in the UK as googling his name is very likely to lead to hearing his music.

IT Security researcher Simon Williams said, “I was doing a survey to see which celebrity searches led to any malicious websites; those that contain malware and/or steal your personal details.

“However, when I typed in ‘Craig David’ hundreds, if not thousands, of websites appeared that just overawed my senses completely by playing monotonous music utilising horrific lyrics.

“I was rolling on the floor with my fingers in my ears. It completely paralysed my ability to use my computer; much worse than the worst kind of malware – you know, iTunes – would.

“In fact, this was worse, as the whole office were unable to help me. This was Monday, and we were rolling on the floor ‘til Tuesday, we had bleeding ears by Wednesday, and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday.

“Eventually, on Sunday, a man who was using a pneumatic drill saw us and came in to turn off all the PCs. His ear defenders saved our lives.”

The horrific incident has led to calls for the Government to insist that ISPs block search results to David’s music.