Theresa May reacts to questions the way your Nan reacts to homosexuals

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Theresa May reacts to all questions from journalists in the exact same surprised and annoyed way.

Psychologist, Simon Williams “The Prime Minister listens to the question, pulls a face that is simultaneously surprised and annoyed, and then laughs nervously while saying something along the lines of ‘Oh! well, I wasn’t expecting THIS but I suppose I’ll have to deal with it’.

“Essentially, it’s the way your grandma reacts whenever she sees something of a homosexual nature on the television, whether it’s a little kiss or the full Brokeback: Quiet annoyance and disdain, mixed with a desire for the moment to be over as soon as possible.

“If you weren’t there, she’d change the channel, but you are, so she won’t, in order to save face.

“It’s the same with the prime minister. There’s a camera there, so she can’t just walk off or tell the journalist to do one, both of which she would dearly love to do.”

A spokesperson for the prime minister, said, “Theresa May has no problem in answering difficult questions. She’d just rather they weren’t there, that’s all.”