Returning Ryanair customers diagnosed with Stockholm syndrome

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People who book flights on Ryanair having previously flown with them have been diagnosed with a form of Stockholm Syndrome, according to researchers today.

The syndrome is diagnosed by observing a person’s apparent bond to an organisation that repeatedly abuses them.

Psychology Professor Simon Williams told us, “The development of positive feelings toward their abusers, and sympathy for their causes and goals, is common amongst many of the repeat Ryanair customers we have studied.

“They recognise they are being abused, but they see it as part of the role Ryanair must play in getting them a cheap flight. They become happy at the thought of the awful customer service, cramped conditions, and being relentlessly sold overpriced tat while onboard.

“To them, they are ‘in this together’, and the fact that they are being treated horrifically is in some part their own fault.

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“It is very much a coping mechanism because their desire to cheaply get where they’re going is more intense than their desire to be treated like a human being – and after a while, they begin to crave that treatment.

“Our studies show that a Ryanair customer forced to fly with British Airways will be left unhappy and agitated, believing that their positive and enjoyable experience is in some way ‘cheating’ on Ryanair.”

Many returning customers have called the study ‘bullshit’.

Sharon Smith told us, “This was done by ‘experts’, wasn’t it? I knew it.

“Look, Ryanair doesn’t hate me. At the very worst they’re indifferent to my well-being. That doesn’t mean they should be open to criticism, and you should all definitely stop being mean to them.

“Now, would I say THAT if I had your bloody silly syndrome?”