Thousands of Ryanair customers ‘distraught’ to find out their flight isn’t cancelled

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Ryanair has published a full list of flights to be cancelled over the next six weeks, leaving thousands of travellers disappointed that their flight isn’t one of them.

After admitting it had “messed up”, the budget airline said it was contacting everyone from an affected flight and all affect customers should receive an email with the “good” news this evening.

Simon Williams received his email twenty minutes ago, and told us, “I was really excited about the idea of being paid compensation to not get a Ryanair flight – it felt like winning twice.

“It was a bit like waiting for the lottery results, then the email landed in my inbox, telling me “Congratulation! Your flight is going ahead” – and I was left so upset I could have cried.

“Not only will I not be getting any compensation, I now have to endure the hell of being transported across Europe by a company that clearly hates me and will spend two hours trying to flog me overpriced scratch cards and shitty cheese sandwiches for a tenner.

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“I don’t know why I do this to myself, I can only assume that deep down I hate myself so much that I believe I only deserve the worst treatment imaginable.”

A Ryanair spokesperson told us that despite claims of many, many unhappy customers, the vast majority of passengers return time and time again to fly on their planes.

They added, “This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact we pay them compensation in the form of vouchers they can only use on our flights.”