Lib Dems told Edinburgh festival was last month after unveiling hilarious new ‘Vince Cable can be PM’ routine

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The Liberal Democrats have been told they are a few weeks late after unveiling their hilarious new routine about Vince Cable becoming prime minister.

The slapstick political outfit appears to have hit upon a rich seam of laughter with the new direction, which creates an unbelievable universe in which their leader Vince Cable runs the country.

However, critics have insisted it’s too late to be considered for any awards, despite the high quality of the work, and that some fans may be left confused by the ‘straight man’ delivery of the material.

Comedy critic Simon Williams told us, “With any live performance comedy, there is a certain expectation that the audience will suspend their disbelief for the duration of your act. The audience ‘knows’ that the chicken didn’t really cross the road, and that a funny thing didn’t really happen to you on the way to the comedy club tonight.

“But to ask an audience to imagine a universe in which Vince Cable could become prime minister is stretching it a bit far.

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“I would be happy to believe a series of unfortunate mishaps which led to you hiring a prostitute to attend your grandmother’s funeral, but Vince Cable as the nation’s leader? Come on. Make it a little bit plausible.”

Lib Dem fans have welcomed the move into comedy, especially after their last attempt at creating a gritty drama about politicians who will promise anything to get into power failed so spectacularly.

However, leading Conservatives have accused the Lib Dems of plagiarism, insisting that they created the central idea of ‘laughably inappropriate man becoming prime minister’ with Boris Johnson’s recent Telegraph article.

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