Despicable EU arseholes forcing Brits into receiving compensation for cancelled Ryanair flights

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Brits who have had their flights cancelled by Ryanair are being forced into receiving compensation by faceless Eurocrats determined to see them treated fairly.

With thousands of Brits facing holiday chaos after Ryanair announced plans to cancel hundreds of flights to popular destinations, the EU compensation scheme to help people in precisely this situation has come in for criticism from Brexit supporters.

Leave voter Simon Williams told us, “I don’t want some corrupt EU bastard forcing me to receive money just because I’ve been mistreated by a faceless corporation that was trying to rip me off.

“As a proud Brit, I want to have my flight cancelled and then be able to moan about it to anyone who’ll listen, before being offered a replacement flight a week later that is no good to me because it’s after my holiday finishes.

“What I don’t need is some unelected Brussels bastard negotiating on my behalf so that I automatically get hundreds of pounds in compensation if Ryanair ruins my holiday.

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“I voted for Brexit precisely because I don’t need my hand holding by Johnny Foreigner. Shit happens, and if my holiday is ruined because Ryanair is a bit of a shit show, then it’s time for a stiff upper lip and a good moan – nothing more.

“What the Remoaners won’t tell you is that this scheme also means foreigners are getting paid because Ryanair can’t bring them to the UK.

“We should be angrily turning them away at the border, not paying them bloody compensation!”