‘London is lost’, claims alt-right snowflake doing literally everything ISIS want from him

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A terrified little man-child with big opinions is saying precisely what ISIS want him to say, according to sources this morning.

As police reported an explosion on a tube train at Parsons Green tube station was being treated as a terrorist attack, alt-right nutjob Jack Williams told his thousands of social media followers that the nation’s capital is now ‘lost’.

He told his YouTube followers on a swiftly recorded hot-take, “ISIS has won, London is now a complete no-go area because libtard do-gooders are too worried about virtue signalling to actually do what’s needed, which is to ban Muslim immigrants and send the ones already here back where they came from.

“I am red-pilling an entire generation into understanding that this is what’s needed,” he concluded, before he was shouted at by his off-screen mother for not putting his rice crispies bowl in the dishwasher.

An ISIS spokesperson spoke of his pleasure at Williams’ video efforts, telling us, “Having Londoners turn on the Muslim community is quite literally what we want you all to do.

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“The odd bomb or car driving into the public isn’t going to defeat a city of nine million people – we know that, we’re not idiots. We do it so the frightened little boys among you will do our recruiting for us.

“So please, continue getting angry at all the immigrants, the Muslim communities, and blame them for our actions, because right now that’s the only way we get the holy war we desperately crave.

“We’ve tried recruiting Muslims ourselves, but it turns out the vast majority of them actually quite like life in the west, and much prefer it to our medieval interpretation of the Koran.

“So our only hope now is by triggering racist simpletons into attacking Muslims for us. On that point, you should all be following Katie Hopkins; she talks an awful lot of sense.”