Demands for Lidl shoppers to condemn terrorism

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Shoppers at discount supermarket Lidl have today faced calls to condemn terrorism after one of their own was blamed for the London tube bombing at Parsons Green.

The prime suspect in the bombing remains at large, however many right-wing commentators have already noted that prominent Lidl shoppers have failed to condemn the attacker publicly.

Simon Williams from TrutherWorldNet wrote on Twitter, “We will no doubt be told that the vast majority of Lidl shoppers are peace-loving tree-huggers, but the photo evidence is there for everyone to see.

“A Lidl shopper clearly undertook this horrific attack on our liberty, yet we’re the ones accused of inciting hatred for merely pointing out that fact.

“When will you sheeple wake up and realise the only way to stop this happening is to shut down every Lidl and deport anyone who has ever shopped there.

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“I’m sure we’ll get some mealy-mouthed condemnation from the Lidl stores in the coming hours, but it’s too little too late – we know the truth, and so do all of my followers.”

Customers of the supermarket have questioned why they are being asked to apologise on behalf of someone who is clearly an insane murderous nutjob.

Lidl customer Jackie Matthews told us, “Look, just because I happen to share a passion for good-value produce with this lunatic, doesn’t mean I agree with everything they do.

“To tarnish all Lidl customers with the same brush is madness.

“Now, if they’d been caught using an Aldi shopping bag I’d be right with you, those scumbags can’t get locked up quick enough.”