An engineer can come out to investigate fault on Necker Island in 4-6 weeks, Richard Branson told

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Richard Branson is reported to be ‘furious’ today after Virgin told him it will take 4-6 weeks to get an engineer out to fix up Necker Island.

Branson’s private island was left seriously damaged by Hurricane Irma, and the famous entrepreneur called his own company helpline for assistance in fixing the place up and getting it going again.

“I rang support and they kept me on hold for 45 minutes before transferring me to someone in Bangalore who didn’t speak English,” raged Branson.

“This company’s customer service sucks. Who the hell runs this chickenshit outfit anyway?

“Oh, wait.”

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When asked, a spokesman for Virgin said that if Mr Branson wasn’t happy with the service he could always move to TalkTalk, before starting to laugh uncontrollably.