‘Lego Masters’ reaches climax as finalists tackle Legoland Windsor queue

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Channel 4’s hit ‘Lego Masters’ show presents its finalists with the ultimate challenge this week – to complete the queue for a Legoland Windsor ride before the hour-long programme ends.

The programme has been dubbed ‘the new Bake Off’, and Channel 4 has high hopes for the series finale, set in the much-loved theme park.

Having negotiated the turnstiles and queued for the toilet, the teams will be set off in stages by host Melvin Odoom.

“There has been a bit of criticism that Melvin’s hosting is too enthusiastic, gushing and positive,” said a C4 spokesman.

“but this is nicely balanced out by the ride attendants.”

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“The queue challenge is a great way to see the contestants’ personal journeys,” he continued. “Will they work together, or start arguing amongst themselves?

“We mix it in with back-story footage, from the time when they were all idealistic about the educational and non-commercial nature of Lego.”

The spokesman promised ‘a great TV moment’ from about two-thirds through the wait for the Ninjago ride, with one of the candidates passing through puberty.

“I can’t reveal who,” he said. “But it’s not one of the kids.”

Finalists who complete the queue challenge will be funnelled through the gift shop for the final judging process.

The eventual winner will be presented with a substantial cash prize, which they can use to spend on a small hot dog.