Six-year-old boy wearily sits down confused parents to explain transgender issues

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Six-year-old Jake Williams has sat his parents down to try explaining the confusing topic of gender fluidity for the seventeenth time.

Williams says he is dismayed that the confusion of his parents is in danger of bringing further embarrassing press coverage on his family.

Jake told us,”The school explained it to me, and I understood straight away and then got on with my day, so it’s my duty to explain it to my confused parents at home who are, admittedly, quite slow at understanding this kind of stuff.

“I lost an entire weekend this summer explaining to my dad how planes stay in the sky, but I would have thought this concept was pretty straight forward.

“Some boys feel like girls, and some girls feel like boys – that’s how the school explained it to me, and to be honest, that was all I needed. Eleven words and it made perfect sense to me. I hoped it would be the same for my mum and dad, but I was wrong.

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“It’s strange, it seems like a simple concept like this should be easy to just accept and move on with your day, but they had loads of questions and kept saying it was ‘just wrong’.

“They have difficulty with this, yet they had no trouble at all believing a story about a talking snake who tricked a woman into eating an apple that made me, thousands of years later, a sinner from birth.  No questions about that at all. It’s very strange.”

Williams’ parents have defended their confusion, telling us, “Boys should be boys, and girls should be girls. That’s just common sense, right? Other people should be forced to live their life precisely how I want them to live it.

“Oh, and never, ever, listen to talking snakes. Especially if it’s not clear whether it’s a boy snake or a girl snake.”