iPhone X is worth the suicides and terrible working conditions, confirm Chinese factory workers

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Workers at factories across China have confirmed that their suffering has been worthwhile in the long run, after witnessing the enduring success of the product they have sacrificed many of their rights for.

With Apple’s most well-known product recently celebrating its tenth anniversary and with the iPhone X due for release this month, the faceless masses who were involved in building the phones have spoken out to express their gratitude at being part of the success, albeit at a massive cost to themselves.

At the end of his daily 18-hour shift, factory worker Simon Chan told reporters, “To have played a part in the ten-year success of the iPhone makes us very proud.

“Although we feel that our pay of two dollars per hour doesn’t necessarily fairly reflect the several hundred dollar retail price of the phones, we are happy to know that people across the world enjoy using the product we have worked so tirelessly to manufacture.

“I haven’t been able to see my family for two years, due to the long hours and dormitory living at the factory, but I’m sure they’d agree that it has been worth it.

“I’m sure they are glad that I haven’t joined the dozens of workers who have unfortunately committed suicide at the factory – although these incidents have dropped following the introduction of the suicide net around the building a couple of years ago.”

Looking wistfully with tired eyes into the distance he added, “I just wish I could save up several years of my salary in one go to be able to buy myself an iPhone.

“They look quite fun.”