Commuters express concern as Thomas the Tank Engine falls to the power of Chaos

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Residents of the island of Sodor have expressed concern today after Thomas the Tank Engine was corrupted by demons of the Warp and pledged his soul to the Ruinous Powers.

Islanders were first alerted to the change when scything blades attached to the formerly cheery, fun-loving locomotive cut everyone waiting on the platform off at the knees as he hurtled past belching unholy flame from his chimney.

The addition of spikes, storm bolters and hellguns to the little engine’s chassis is expected to make the task of boarding the 9:25am express in the morning really rather difficult, and could result in delays and cancellations.

“Having an heretical engine hauling the coal train from the mine to Cudlee Fell could be a concern but I’m sure it’s something we can resolve very easily,” the Fat Controller told us, before leaving to tell Thomas to stop being so naughty or he’d be put in the engine shed for an entire weekend.

However, the Fat Controller was last seen howling in mortal anguish as his soul was consumed by Thomas’ infernal firebox to fuel his lust for skulls in the service of Khorne.

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“Steam for the Cteam God! Coal for the coal throne!”, Thomas is reported to have screamed in a mixture of repulsive joy and torment as he devoured Sir Topham Hatt’s very essence to fuel his lust for war.

Taking the name ‘Thomas the Daemon Engine”, the newly corrupted machine will run a service between the town of Tidmouth and the dark city of Commorragh twice a day.

“It could be worse,” passengers told us. “We could have to commute by First Great Western.”