Of course you can call Nigel Farage a Nazi, says Godwin

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The American attorney and inventor of the eponymous internet law has clarified that he never intended it to protect far right populists making hateful speeches in Germany of all places.

Mike Godwin explained to members of the British press that his rule was a critique of hyperbole and the trivialisation of the Holocaust, and not a shield for “haddock-faced fascist assholes”.

He continued, “Look; the whole idea was to stop people cheapening the slaughter of millions by accusing the local mayor of being Hitler because he closed down the local skatepark.

“But somehow people saw it as a cast iron rule that the first person to mention Nazis automatically loses the argument. As if anyone can win on online discussion. Frankly, everyone is a loser in these things.

“But when you have white supremacists parading with torches shouting about Jews then, yes, it’s not really a stretch to call them Nazis.

“Same thing when you have a twattish bigot shouting racist tripe at an angry far-right mob in Germany.”

Asked if his exemption would apply to controversialists like Katie Hopkins, Mr Godwin sighed deeply.

“The shit-stirrer who claimed refugees were cockroaches, that she would use gunboats on them and called for a final solution? No, of course not, she’s like Jonathan Fucking Swift! Give her a column in an established newspaper. Aren’t you Brits supposed to be smart?”