Jacob Rees-Mogg admits he stops caring about unborn children the moment they come out of a poor person’s vagina

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has sought to clarify his position on defending unborn children, insisting he stops giving a toss about them the moment they come out of a poor person’s vagina.

The Tory MP has been criticised for his staunch belief that unborn children should be protected no matter the cost, but insisted that his desire to ensure their welfare ends when they take their first breath – if they happen to be born to a couple of poor people.

He explained to reporters, “The teachings of the Catholic church are very clear on our moral duty to protect the unborn child – but the stuff about looking after the vulnerable and those worse of than themselves is all a little ambiguous and open to interpretation.

“My personal interpretation is that looking after the vulnerable is best done by incentivising them to help themselves by giving them as little as possible.

“So while I will spend every penny I have to stop you having an abortion, I won’t give you a single penny to feed the child when it’s born – that’s the best thing according to the bible.

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“Yes it is, shut up.”

Voters have had a mixed reaction to Rees-Moggs comments, with many wondering if he is a real politician, or Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comic creation depicting a 19th-century politician who has time-travelled to the 21st century.

Tory voter Simon Williams told us, “I see absolutely no hypocrisy in demanding society looks after all the unborn children, while also demanding society spend nothing on them when they’re born to poor people.

“Normally I’d point you to the relevant section of the bible to illustrate my point, but I suspect all you libtards think God’s word is used out of context to make whatever political point is convenient at any given time.

“That’s why you keep losing.”