I’m just so in love with the prospect of a lifetime of wealth and privilege, admits Meghan Markle

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In her first major interview as Prince Harry’s girlfriend, actress Megan Markle has said that she is ‘so in love with the concept of a lifetime of wealth and privilege’.

The actress gave the interview with Vanity Fair and ended months of speculation by confirming that she is mainly in it for the money.

“He’s quite good-looking, I suppose,” said the Suits actress.

“But normally I avoid the sort of man who dresses up in a Nazi uniform for fun and gets caught by the press with his balls out in a Vegas hotel room.

“I mean, have you seen me? I could have anyone, and a posh ginger Brit with a bad beard wouldn’t be my first choice.”

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However, Miss Markle then found out a little more about what life in the British Royal Family entails.

“I know, right? All you do is go on holiday. All over the world. State Visits, they’re called, but they’re essentially holidays.

“Occasionally, you meet some poor people and look sad. But mainly it’s just holidays, and I love holidays.

“And, get this, the British people pay for everything! It’s nuts. You get a lifetime of wealth and privilege, and I just fell head over heels in love with that.”

It is expected that the couple will marry for just long enough that Ms Markle can divorce him and still qualify for the life of wealth and privilege paid for by the British people without having to deal with Prince Harry.