David Davis proposes ‘points-based’ system for EU negotiators

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Hard-working British negotiators must be protected from skilled and mobile EU competition, the Brexit secretary has said.

Britain should introduce quotas to the number of negotiators entering talks, with a cap in skill levels to ensure British workers are on a level playing field.

“These highly-skilled EU negotiators are displacing a workforce of native diplomats who simply aren’t being given the chance to show their quality”, said Davis.

“Our workforce is being outcompeted in traditional British political skills such as cherry picking data.

“How can British diplomats develop the skills they need when you’ve got these EU politicians coming over here and dictating terms?”

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Davis suggested the EU team be limited to a maximum of six points out of a possible eight million to ensure a fair competitive environment.

“In the past, Britain had world-leading negotiation industries, setting up the European Court of Justice, the European Convention on Human Rights, the Maastricht Treaty and more.

“It’s tragic those traditional skills are being lost overseas, leaving British politicians on the scrapheap.”