Morning commute back to being horrific

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As the schools went back this morning, your commute returned to its normal state of horrific traffic jams and delays caused by people unable to let their kids walk or get the bus.

Despite living just 20 miles from the office, your commute can take up to an hour due to the additional traffic caused by parents driving their child the 0.4 miles to the nearest school gates.

You told us, “There’s a childhood obesity crisis in this country, and yet we persist in driving children to school at precisely the same time I’m trying to get to the office before I get another bollocking for poor time keeping.

“Frankly these school run parents should be ashamed of themselves – they’re not helping anyone, least of all me.

“Maybe we should tax the school run as a form of a deterrent – I’d vote for anyone proposing an extra fifty quid a month if your car is used in any school run whatsoever.”

Parents have explained that the driving kids to school is indeed a hellish experience, but also questioned why you couldn’t get up half an hour earlier to miss the school run entirely.

You responded, “Jesus Christ, you sound just like my bloody manager. Why should I have to get up earlier just to avoid you making entirely unnecessary car journeys?

“The only people at fault here are the people using the road when I need to use the road, why is that concept so hard for you to grasp.

“Yes, I drive an Audi, what of it?”