New British Airways advert to be film of Ryanair flight

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Footage of drunken, brawling chavs on a Ryanair flight will form the centre of a bold new advertising campaign for British Airways.

Film of enormously overweight, squawking harridans flailing at each other mid-flight will be shown in adverts aired during Channel Four news and Poirot on ITV 3, and contrasted with film of nice people flying their delightful children Poppy and Oliver to a cultural weekend in Genoa.

“Well set that bit to Vivaldi,” said advertising executive Simon Williams, “While the only soundtrack to the Ryanair footage will be a woman screeching ‘Come and get it you slag!” whilst the plane judders about fearfully.

“We’ll end the advert with footage of that couple knobbing each other on an Easyjet flight”, he added.

“Yeah, you can fly budget if you want to, but know that for the sake of a few quid you’re climbing into a petri dish.”

BA is understood to have asked Stella Artois for permission to use their ‘Reassuringly expensive” tagline.