Nation shocked as Wayne Rooney’s ‘other woman’ revealed to be younger than him

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Wayne Rooney’s latest extra-marital squeeze is younger than him, it has emerged.

The former England player was pulled over in the early hours of Friday morning, and was not only found to be over the drink drive limit, but more shockingly was in the company of a younger woman.

PC Williams, who pulled over the Volkswagen Beetle containing the former granny-addict and an unnamed brunette told us, “Footballers driving around in the middle of the night under the influence is par for the course, but this one is a bit of a shocker.

“At first I thought it was just a random bloke dressed up as a potato for a stag-do or something but then I realised it was Rooney.

“Imagine my surprise then, when I looked in the passenger seat and instead of seeing a old wrinkly raisin of a prostitute I saw an attractive brunette.

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“She’s two years younger than him. Crazy.”

According to sources close to the Wayne and Coleen, it is unlikely that this news will bring his pregnant wife much comfort, but fans have applauded him for having had more shots in 90 minutes than he has had for a long while.