Dragon resistant cladding approved by Night’s Watch was swapped for cheaper version, documents show

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Dragon ice resistant cladding was replaced by a cheaper version in a bid to cut costs as part of a recent refurbishment contract, according to documents discovered by Samwell Tarly.

The Wall was originally constructed using ‘a mix of magic dragon ice retardant cladding, ice sheets and rolled steel’ but during the refurbishment, a saving was made by using a cheaper form which contained only 3% magic.

It is understood that the contract between Eastwatch-By-Sea Council and the Lannister Tenant Management Organisation was given the go ahead by the Order of Maesters.

Minutes of a progress meeting attended by the Order and the Lannister TMO recorded Maester Ebrose saying, “We are under instructions to reduce public expenditure and I have no reason to believe rumours of armies of the dead or ice dragons. It is our job to be sceptical.”

The Wall which stood for around 8 millennia took around 28 seconds to be completely destroyed.

Jon Snow believes the tragedy, which has put the entire realm of the living under threat, shows the disastrous effects of austerity in Westeros.

“I would like to make it clear to Cersei Lannister that this shows the harmful effects of awarding contracts to the lowest bidder, and how under her rule the lives of those in Westeros clearly come second to financial returns for the corporations tasked with their safety.

“People on the wall have been saying for years that it has been underfunded and managed with complete lack of regard for the proper regulations or the safety of residents.

“The Lannister TMO has blood on their hands, and for anyone in Westeros, that’s saying a lot.”