Barack Obama demands to see Donald Trump’s hurricane donation long form receipt

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Barack Obama is ‘sceptical’ of Donald Trumps claim to have given $1m of his own money to flood relief, and is calling on him to release the ‘long form’ receipt.

The former President made the allegation in an interview earlier this afternoon, suggesting that the paperwork to prove Trump’s claims ‘may well not exist’ and saying he could put the matter to bed by producing a receipt today.

“I won’t let it go because I’m not satisfied that Donald has proven his American donation with any official sort of certificate,” Obama told us.

“For that matter, I’m pretty sceptical he can afford it, with all his debts and whatnot. Nobody says he can afford it, and people who are worried about that shouldn’t just be dismissed. It’s a legitimate concern.

“I’m just asking questions. There’s a lot of people – a lot – saying there’s something on that receipt that Donald doesn’t like and it’s important he clarifies the situation,” he added whilst miraculously keeping a straight face.

When challenged, Trump angrily responded that he had pledged a million dollars of his own money to relief, and if Mexico hadn’t paid it yet then people should take it up with them.