Paparazzi hold minute’s silence in memory of their favourite victim

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Paparazzi photographers hung up their cameras and respectfully bowed their heads this morning as they remembered the day that their favourite target of all passed away.

As Big Ben silently ticked round to 11am, photographers ceased their relentless pursuit of C-list celebrities long enough to pay their respects to the memory of the one public figure who had won the hearts of the country and who they had lovingly chased down like a pack of wolves.

Wiping an imaginary tear from his eye, soulless paparazzi prick Simon Williams told us “Diana was truly one of a kind.

“A beautiful, caring woman, spurned by her Prince charming, and much loved by the people. And more importantly, by the tabloids who pay my invoices.

“So for us, she was the ultimate goal, the pinnacle to aim for, and boy did we try and get those elusive shots.

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“I can’t imagine that there will be another like her – someone with such a high profile, but also someone who has lost the level of royal protection which she had previously enjoyed, thereby allowing us to get close enough to get all the photos of her that her fans wanted to see.

“And the photos of her pleading with us to leave her alone – those were the most fun to get, and worth a lot of money, too.

“What’s that? Do we feel responsible? Sorry mate, got to go – Katie Price is having an argument with someone just down the road.”