Fury as Tower Hamlets Council places Anabaptist child into Biblical Unitarian foster family

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Several tabloid papers and prominent social commentators have expressed outrage that Tower Hamlets Social Services have placed a four-year-old boy, whose parents were Neo-anabaptist Hutterites, into the care of a Christadelphian couple.

Katie Hopkins, the controversial pundit at Mail Online, has blamed PC culture and trendy anti-Apostolic prejudice for the placement of the child into a family that focusses more on the singular nature of God than the profession of faith through a Believer’s baptism.

Ms Hopkins received support from EDL founder Tommy Robinson who declared that he and several associates would hold a silent vigil outside the council until assurances are given that the child will be taught the seven principles of the Schleitheim Confession of 1527.

Asked for comment, Amanda Tinnock, a social worker at Tower Hamlets Child Protection Services, denied the Council was trying to pander to Unitarianism out of fear of being seen as prejudiced.

She explained, “We had a psychologist talk to the boy about the Melchiorites and making a personal covenant with the Holy Spirit, but it turns out he is more into Peppa Pig. Possibly because he’s a fucking child.

“And there are a lot of precedents to suggest exact compatibility with a child’s parents’ beliefs is not the foremost criteria when placing a child.

“As for the rest, you will have to trust us that we do perform some background checks and don’t place vulnerable children with fanatical zealots.

“Or, instead, you could go mental because of some crap you read in the Daily Mail.”