Alt-Right blames Antifa and BLM as violent black thug beats white man

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The Alt-Right and white supremacist groups have criticised Black Lives Matters and Antifa after a violent black thug was filmed beating a white man on national television.

Alt-right spokesperson Paul Joseph Goebbels said it was typical of the mainstream media that the live-streamed beating had been heralded on television as a ‘stunning display’, rather than the racially motivated attack it so clearly was to everyone watching in his basement.

He told his youtube followers, “People continue to say it is the neo-Nazis and the alt-right that are the violent ones, but what more evidence do you want than BLM and Antifa are behind all of this?

“Without that violent black thug, it would have simply been a peaceful protest by a white guy proudly proclaiming his heritage for whoever chose to be there. But no, it was violence from the moment he arrived.

“It was literally live on television, I watched the violence unfold, and no-one stepped in until the beating had been going on for nearly half an hour.

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Goebbels went on to say that although the violence is over, and no-one died, it was only a matter of time before the media whitewashed the entire thing.

After briefly directing his viewers at his online shop that strangely sells dubious sounding and vastly over-priced health supplements, he continued, “Do you think the media would be putting such a positive spin on this had the white man beaten the black guy? Of course they wouldn’t.

“And don’t get me started on how this black guy could afford to be in such an expensive venue in the first place. Why do you think he got paid so much? George Soros, obviously.”