Brexiters furious as Bureau de Change reveals it gives worse exchange rate to people who voted Leave

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Brexiters heading on holiday to the continent have been left furious after it was revealed that currency exchange facilities in airports are giving worse exchange rates to anyone who voted to leave the EU.

An undercover operation revealed the long-standing practice, which currency firms have defended as ‘reacting to market conditions’.

“People don’t normally lead with how they voted in the referendum, but it’s actually pretty obvious most of the time,” explained a Bureaux de Change worker Simon Williams.

“We take a quick look at them, and where their boarding pass says they’re going, and we can generally get it right 90% of the time from those two variables.  Shaven head, Benidorm – you voted Leave. You don’t need to be Hercule Poirot to crack that one.

Williams went on to defend the practice, insisting it’s what the Brexiters actually wanted.

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He continued, “The economy has continued to stutter since the referendum, and its performance has been overtaken by everyone else in the G7, but we’re repeatedly told by Brexiters that they don’t mind Brexit hitting them in the pocket – as long as they get that delicious sovereignty that they all seem to crave.

“So we hit them in the pocket a little to help us counter the effects of Brexit on our own business, it’s what they would have wanted.

Williams also responded to accusations that the practice is ‘exploitative’.

He explained, “Look, they are free to shop around to find a better deal, but if they were the sort of people who looked around to assess facts and figures from multiple sources, they probably wouldn’t have voted for Brexit in the first place.

“So of course they’re going to change all of their money with us here at the airport.”

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