Donald Trump shaken after discovering the concept of ‘ladders’

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A critical flaw in the Mexico Wall plan is being painstakingly explained to the President today.

Architects on the project noticed that a collection of slats of wood, bound together by poles, might be used to circumvent the hugely expensive project at little cost.

Warning that ‘sneaky foreign masterminds’ might happen on the idea sooner or later as well, the lengthy and difficult process of explaining a new idea to the President was begun immediately.

“Donald was quick to grasp the basics, like shaking the dice and declaring himself the winner before he’d even moved his piece,” Vice-President Mike Pence told reporters.

“It got easier when we told the President that the snakes were like Mexicans.

“They’ve got wet backs and if you get too many of them they can make you slide right down in the polls. He got that instantly.

“In fact, he went a lot further, but I don’t think we should repeat anything of what he said because the libtard media would smear him by reporting it word for word as usual.”

When asked how the US government would deal with people trying to climb over their wall, a spokesman said they could just be shot as ‘that worked out great when they did it in Berlin’.