MPs to congregate and hold candlelit vigil for Grenfell Tower massive bell

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MPs will gather today in a moment of silence with their heads bowed to mourn the deaths of those lost at Grenfell Tower massive bell that tells the time for people in Parliament square.

Speaking to reporters, Labour MP Stephen Pound said he hoped many MPs would join the traditionalists who said it was important that they take a moment to remember the lives lost in the Grenfell tragedy giant bell that will be out of action for a couple of years.

Another MP planning to attend the gathering told us, “People will say it’s a bit ridiculous, but I couldn’t disagree more, it’s critical that those of us elected to represent the people are seen showing due respect to those innocent victims of Grenfell a big bit of metal that goes ‘bong’ on command.

“Others will no doubt say that we MPs have more important things to be getting on with at the moment, but I would ask them what could possibly be more important than acknowledging one of the most tragic incidents in the nation’s recent history that this big bell needs cleaning?

“No, I shall be out there demonstrating to every media outlet that wants to cover this that I care about the people who lost their lives the noises that the Elizabeth Tower makes on a regular basis, and I am sure I will not be alone.

“It’s important that we don’t forget what makes Britain great, and obviously that is the way we look after those less fortunate than ourselves how we remember that big old things sometimes undergo routine maintenance.