Ric Flair kicks out of death at two count

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Ric Flair has sat up and started talking just when everyone thought death had him pinned.

Flair, who was taken to hospital with everyone fearing the worst, is understood to have kicked out from under the grim reaper at the count of two yesterday, before throwing the morbid spook over the ropes.

With a master showman’s’ touch for the dramatic, the wrestler left his audience believing the end had come before pulling a dramatic reversal.

“This is classic Flair!”, screamed medical spokesman from beside the ring.

“Taking the drama to the max, Flair went right to the operating table before pulling what must be said to be the most remarkable switcheroo this reporter has ever seen!

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“Death must have believed he had his man, with the referee on two – and then out of nowhere Flair kicked out and made yet another comeback – one which might crown his career!”

When asked, The Nature Boy said that fighting off death probably wouldn’t even make his top three career bouts, rating the grim reaper as slightly easier to beat than Shawn Michaels.

“If death wants to be the man, he’s gotta beat the man,” said Flair.

“And I’m not beaten yet! WOOOOO!”