Staunch egalitarian Sarah Champion distances herself from notorious race-baiter Sarah Champion

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In a sudden decision, Shadow Equalities Minister Sarah Champion has resigned over an article published in The Sun by foul Islamophobe Sarah Champion.

Simon Williams, a spokesman for the MP, has stated that Ms Champion strongly condemns the alarmist and xenophobic words of tabloid columnist Sarah Champion.

“Sarah wishes to say that she is appalled by the hateful words she wrote. She has spent her life fighting the divisive ideas that she expressed in the piece. Sarah Champion is very clear in her belief that modern Britain has no place for hate mongers of a bygone era like Sarah Champion.”

“Although she has stepped away from the front bench, Sarah will continue to be a voice for minorities victimised by cheap populists like that repulsive Champion woman. ”

Sarah Champion’s spokesman also indicated that the article was heavily edited by the newspaper to make it more sensationalist.

When asked if he could provide a time-stamped copy of the original draft to prove this, Mr Williams claimed he had a bus to catch and left the building.

Jeremy Corbyn was asked to comment but his office claimed he was too busy condemning Theresa May’s ambiguous response to Donald Trump’s wishy-washy statements about racists.