Saving Private Ryan branded ‘alt-left propaganda’

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Right-wing fringe groups including white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Trump White House administration have labelled multi Oscar award-winning Saving Private Ryan as ‘alt-left propaganda’.

The film allegedly highlights a bunch of ‘alt-left thugs’ who are ‘armed to the teeth in every scene’ and who remain ‘steadfastly and violently opposed to any worldview different from their own’.

A White House insider told us it was typical of the liberal bias in the entertainment industry that such a film was allowed to be made.

They explained, “There was violence on both sides of that dispute, but only the alt-left get to tell their version on the big screen, how can that be a good thing for a free and democratic society?

“I think you’ll also find they stormed that beach without the correct permissions or permits. No wonder there was so much violence – how did they expect the other side to react?

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“Personally, I think the alt-left should shoulder the majority of the blame for any deaths that occurred as a result.”

Alt-right campaigner Chuck Williams told us, “Can you imagine a film about a gang of white supremacists going around killing black people just so they can save another white person? No, you can’t.

“And let me tell you, Hollywood is not interested – no matter how many versions of the screenplay you send them.”

Donald Trump was asked about his views on the film, and expressed his admiration for the production values on display, though it was several minutes before reporters realised he was actually talking about the porn-parody, Saving Ryan’s Privates.

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